Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hot enough to fry a motherboard

Little lapse in the entries, due to the heat having cooked first my laptop, then Jennifer's, neither of which was quite three years old. I went to Italy for 10 days to see friends and get out of Niamey, and bought another MacBook in Rome at the brand new Apple Store, the first in continental Europe. The hottest season is theoretically over--the season of Hot, Humid and Rainy is starting now--and the highs these days are a temperate 115-118.

Our co-written parenting book, working-titled Father-baby Bonding (we're trying to think up something catchier) is done and accepted by the publishers, due out Spring 2008.

Here on the blog, I'll be catching up on our travels and travails over the coming week, and adding pictures on the Mac photo page.

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