Monday, March 26, 2007

Weather for Niamey today

Blowing Sand
Wind: E at 18 mph
Humidity: 7%

I went running north of town in the midday heat, looking for this gym that's supposed to be up the road, an unknown number of kilometers. However far it is, it's too far for me to find on a day like this, under the sun. After 45 minutes, when my hands started to feel like a pair of latex gloves overfilled with hot water and about to pop, I turned around and headed home--slowly. I stopped at a lonely gas station and bought a soft drink, and stood inside where it was like a brick oven, but out of the sun and with the dirty, naked blades of a fan turning the air over my running sweat. Paradise! The Zarma teenager who sold me the soda accepted my returnable bottle, and thoughtfully offered to bring me some cool water.

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