Monday, January 15, 2007

When we were about to leave for Niger, a friend who had lived in Africa told us that for the first two months we wouldn't get anything done except getting everything set up. We laughed--Jennifer had already lived here, and I'd already lived abroad in Italy, which is not the easiest place to find a place and get the utilities working.

She was underestimating.

But the house is in a nice neighborhood, and has a beautiful garden and pool. I swim every day--even the coldest days of the year in Niger are like summer back home. In fact, though I've never wanted a pool before, but having one here and going in each day, I've learned to swim well enough to really enjoy it. There's a rope swing over the pool, too, which makes it the best pool in town, according to the kids.

I set up a tree swing in the yard, and occasionally throw a rope over a limb of the huge gawo tree outside our gate--you can see a picture of this on our next-door neighbors blog:

It's in their entry on "AKA Margulis-di Properzio," and has a picture of us, too.

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